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Rowing in Leiden
Asopos de Vliet is one of two student rowing clubs in Leiden. Asopos is an open and welcoming rowing club. Since this rowing club started up 50 years ago, Asopos rowers have made it to the national team, and have competed at both European and World championships. Students can row, cox and coach at every level, and be as active or as laid back as they would like. They can chose to be part of a team which trains once per week, or one of the competitive varsity crews which train every day. Several of our rowers and coaches are currently or have in the past rowed at an International level. Other have such a goal in mind and are working hard and striving for it.

The rowing season runs as follows: In the first semester we start with the new freshman, who learn how to row, followed by selections for varsity crew. These selections are usually completed in mid-November, at which point the newly composed crews continue training for the National Indoor Ergometer Championships in December. In late February the first regatta is held, after which the competition season comes into full swing.

Asopos de Vliet has very experienced coaches, all of whom have a high profiency in English. The other rowers are very open to new people and don't mind speaking English. Rowing at Asopos means you get to enjoy the Dutch student life, see the Netherlands and continue rowing. If you want to row in Leiden, we are the place to start!


Want more information? Call (+31)(0) 71 – 5892897 or email to [email protected]




Asopos de Vliet

Postbus 100

2300 AC Leiden



Asopos de Vliet

Zijlstroom 137

2353 NN Leiderdorp

071-5892897 (bestuurskamer)